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Renae Knapp School of Color Japan comes to the U.S. for advanced training . . . (more)

In Montana contact:

3839 Dover Road,
Billings, Montana  59105
Phone 406-373-5993
Fax 406-656-9063
Cell 406-670-5294 
e-mail: lcmichael at usadig.com 


Did you know . . . ?

Learn how our color spectrum 
affects our everyday lives.

Are you a blue base or yellow base?
Take a short test to find out


A website reader from Oneida, Kentucky asks:  "I have ordered the large color fan and I am still having trouble figuring my spectrum . . . (read more)

Contact Renae at:

Tel.  800-881-7394
Fax   702-440-8591

E-mail:  renaeknapp at yahoo.com














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